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Whiteman Lumber Company Capabilities

Here at Whiteman Lumber, we specialize in supplying Home and Commercial Builders.

We have a timber sizer capable of surfacing 14″ by 22″. We have two dehumidification dry kilns that do a very gentle and clean drying of timbers. The mill can cut up to 22″ wide and 36′ long. Our primary specie for timbers is Douglas-fir. We can also supply Western Red Cedar and Engelmann Spruce.

We still supply underground mines across the western United States and parts of Canada. Our primary customers, however, are timber framers and specialty wood distributors.

We excel at providing packages for individual homes, pergolas, venues, etc. Our most popular product is a kiln dried and re-sawn full dimension timber. We use a circle saw so the timber has a very appealing saw mark.

  1. We specialize in highly specified, custom orders.
  2. We use a circular saw to ensure our timbers have a rustic look.
  3. Some of our products include the following: Beams, Timbers, Rafters, Mantels, Stair Treads, Bridge Decking, Trailer Decking, Mining timbers, Counter Tops, Pergola Components - anything that requires special sizing.
  4. Our customer base is nationwide.
  5. We can provide custom kiln dried products.

Species of Timber Used

We have a variety of species to provide options for our customers. Douglas-fir and Western Red Cedar are the primary species our customers request for timber frame homes.  Call us to discuss options.

  • Douglas-fir
  • Western Larch
  • Engelmann Spruce
  • Hemlock
  • Grand Fir
  • Western Red Cedar