32859 E. Canyon Rd, Cataldo, ID 83810

John Van Bruggen

Clydesdale Frames Co has been using Whiteman Lumber Co to supply our Douglas Fir needs for the last 25 years. Obviously, if they didn’t deliver on the product, I would find a new supplier. After hundreds and hundreds of orders, their timber is the same now, as it was 25 years ago. The sizes are spot on and the service is really good. In my industry, it is very helpful to know that an 8″ wide timber is actually going to measure 8″ wide. Whiteman has very good quality control over the timbers that leave the mill and head my way. I am located in Kansas, a long way from Idaho. I have never had to drive to Idaho to replace a timber…not once. That is saying something. The personal relationships that have formed over those years have become a very important part of doing business. They care about my family and I care about theirs. Swapping stories has become a normal part of our transactions and I wouldn’t change any of that. I think of them as family…they are good people.